Our Activity

The ConTech ecosystem includes startups, companies from all sectors of the construction industry, contractors, software companies, regulatory bodies, policy makers and investors.
Contech activities are aimed to grow the construction tech startup ecosystem, while facilitating business connections between startups and industry players in Israel and abroad.


Program principles:


ConTech’s Ecosystem building and maintenance through:


1.  Developing and enlarging the community of the construction technology field of all parts of the ecosystem:
The construction industry
Government ministries
Inverstors & VC’s


2. Using different fields’ technologies into construction tech industry.


3. Harness governments into new construction tech projects


4. Community events:
Demonstration days


5. Incubator Program:
Product fitting and relevant clients
Connecting startups with local and international companies
Business mentorship
Introduction to investors


6.  Corporation with industry partners:
Tech-scouting and need mapping for industry partners
Locating relevant technologies
Collaborative pilot projects between industry and startups


7.  Academia joint ventures and partnerships


8.  Presenting projects to investors