November 29, 2022 | Main Event - Keynotes and Startup Expo

09:00 Gathering and exhibition opening



09:25-10:00 Greetings

Haim Feiglin,  VP,  Israel Builders Association

Moshe Ben Zaken, CEO, The Fund for the Advancement and Development of the Construction Industry in Israel

Aviad Friedman, Director General, Ministry of Construction and Housing

Yinon Elroy, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Economy and Industry

Itzik Moyal, VP, The Fund for the Advancement and Development of the Construction Industry in Israel


10:00-10:45 Keynotes

Zachi Flatto, CEO, ConTech

Dan Doron, Vice President, MSO, and General Manager of Fab Construction Enterprise, Intel Corporation


10:45-12:00 Pillar 1: Modular / Prefab Methods and Digital Automation

Part A

Jeff Burnstein, President, Association for Advancing Automation

Tal Friedman, Founder & CEO, Foldstruct 

Ami Avrahami, Co-Founder & CPO, Veev 

Claudia Chiti, General Manager, Manni Green Tech


Part B

Yoni Ofek, Head of Innovation and Research, Ministry of Construction and Housing

Ronit Eshel, Advanced Manufacturing Director, Israel Innovation Authority
Professor Rafael Sacks, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology



A parallel session for the Israeli community (HEBREW)

11:30-13:00 Implementing Construction Tech in the Field - from Vision to Reality 

Moderator: Ofer Petersburg

Amnon Merhav, CEO, Israel Builders Association

Nir Yanushevsky, VP Business Development, Yanushevsky

Ricardo Osiroff,  CEO, Access Construction Innovation Hub by Shapir Engineering


Panel 1: The Double Challenge of Implementing Technologies on Site

Moderator: Yorai Gabriel, Strategy, Partnerships and Ecosystems, Trusstor

Moshe Ben Zaken, CEO, The Fund for the Advancement and Development of the Construction Industry in Israel

Eyal Ben Reuven, retired Major General, IDF; Chairman of the Safety Headquarters, Israel Builder Association

Oz Katz, Deputy Director General, Industries, Ministry of Economy and IndustryMoshe 

Shai Prupes, CEO and Co-Founder, Samson Logic


Panel 2: Success Tactics

Moderator:Yorai Gabriel, Strategy, Partnerships and Ecosystems, Trusstor
Ury Gurevich, Ph.D, Head of the BIM Program at Ministry of Defense

Aviv Carmel, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, SKYLINE Cranes & Technologies

Haim Feiglin,  CEO, Zemach Hammerman Ltd.; VP,  Israel Builders Association


Alon Peretz, Product Manager, ConTech - Construction Innovation Center



12:00-13:00 Pillar 2: Infrastructure Technologies

Orna Raviv, Department of Engineering and Construction, Ministry of Defense

Marc Goldman, Director - AEC Industry Solutions, Esri

Agnès Petit Markowski, Founder and CEO, MOBBOT


12:40-13:00 Panel: Construction Tech Startups on Site - Success Stories and Challenges

Moderator: Gali Bloch Liran

Zeev Braude, CEO, SiteAware

Jad Jarroush, Founder and CTO, Datumate

Stav Malach, Solution Consultant, Buildots

Omri Sorek, CEO and Founder, Trusstor



13:00-14:30 Lunch, Expo, B2B & Networking




14:30-15:30 Pillar 3: ConTech Investments

Aviad Almagor, Vice President, Technology Innovation, Trimble

Nils Wagner, CEO,  REHAU New Ventures

Tanja Kufner, Head of Start Up & Venture Investments, Nemetschek Group

Mauricio Tessi Weiss, Founding Partner, Zacua Ventures

Cutler Knupp, Managing Director, Dysruptek, A Haskell Venture

Dai Ohama, General Manager, Innovation & Incubation office, Kajima


15:30-16:30 Pillar 4: Impact and ESG Investments

Dror Bin, CEO, Israel Innovation Authority

Gonzalo Galindo, President, Cemex Ventures 

Dmitry Starodubtsev, Co-founder & CTO, Mighty Buildings

Marie-Sophie Ando, VC, Foundamental

Hugo Conceição Silva, Principal, Pi Labs


16:30-16:50 Panel: The Investor’s and Startup’s Perspectives

Rami Navarro, Managing Director & UAE Regional Director, BuiltUp Ventures

Guy Montuelle, CEO, Bygr

Michael Sasson, Co-Founder and CEO, Constru


16:50-17:10 Panel: Lessons Learned from the Automotive World - How to Grow an Ecosystem

Moderator: Aviv Frenkel, Co-Founder and CEO, ENROUTE

Moshe Dalman, Founder and CEO, RodRadar

Yaron Flint, VP Global Technology Validation & Sourcing, Stanley Black & Decker

Tal Israel, Co-Founder and CEO, Ception

Talia Rafaeli, Partner, Kompas VC


17:10 Coffee and cake, B2B and  exhibition


18:00 Exhibition closing



* The program may be subject to change.



November 30, 2022

Discover Tel Aviv’s Culture and Startups**

9:00 Tel Aviv Levinsky market culinary experience & tasting tour

11:30 Professional panel hosted by Buildots

13:00 Lunch hosted by Buildots

15:00 Happy hour hosted by Trusstor

16:00 Professional panel at Autodesk

17:00 Meetup hosted by Versatile at SCS - The Society for Construction Solutions

19:00 Meetup hosted by ENEL

Join Tel Aviv day 30.11

December 1, 2022

Jerusalem Tour: History and Present**

7:00 Transport from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem & Breakfast to-go

9:30 David Tower tour and historic building conservation briefing

13:30Tasting tour at Machane Yehuda market

17:15 Happy hour hosted by Ception

18:45 Transport back to Tel Aviv



* The program may be subject to change.

** Tours require a minimum number of participants.


Join Jerusalem day 1.12


November 29, 2022 | Main Event | Keynotes and Startup Expo

The event is organized around four core pillars and offers the following sessions:


Pillar 1: Modular / Prefab Methods and Digital Automation

Though modular methods have been around since the 70s, the construction world is facing one of the biggest digital disruptions of our time. While thought to be a manual and “one-off” industry over the past centuries, the digital automation revolution is shifting the field towards a new future. The session will focus on how new technologies such as robotics, automated assembly lines, and industrialized processes, which revolutionized manufacturing fields like automotive, aerospace, and furniture, are now being adopted by the world’s largest industry - construction.



Pillar 2: Infrastructure Technologies and Digital Twins

As infrastructure becomes more and more complex, digital tools are becoming the new enabler of large-scale projects. From GIS data to point cloud scans and digital twins, cities and infrastructure projects are being managed by big data like never before. The session will focus on how these new data layers allow us to see through complexities like never before and allow us to build the smart cities of tomorrow worldwide. We will look at case studies and technologies that are driving this revolution from different lenses such as GCs, technology startups and municipalities.



Pillar 3: ConTech Investments

Construction Tech has become one of the hottest fields for investors in the last few years, attracting billions of dollars to hundreds of startups worldwide. From a “traditional” field unable to adopt innovation, the building sector is becoming the new pinnacle of innovation and a “holy grail” for technology companies to disrupt. The session will showcase top-tier investors from the global ecosystem. We will hear a wide range of investor scopes from traditional VCs, corporate VCs, and construction giants using startups to disrupt their own playground in search of the next generation of unicorns.



Pillar 4: Impact and ESG Investments

Sustainability has become the new barometer of the construction industry. With the building sector being responsible for 40% of global CO2 emissions, it is clear that decarbonizing the built environment is key to reaching the planet’s sustainability goals laid out by world governments. During this journey, our industry has to be rethought from the inside out with new technologies, and the change is happening as we speak. The session will focus on impact investing and investment in new technologies such as digital tools, methods, materials, and initiatives leading the construction landscape to the future and literally building a greener and better world.