The goal of ConTech is turning Israel into an international leader and attractor-point in the construction-tech sector in the spirit of the ‘startup nation’, using the latest innovation and technologies.

As a part of the program framework, we have built and maintained an eco-system of startups and a variety of collaborators and companies consisting of:

  • Contractors, developers, corporate enterprises, regulatory bodies, policy makers and investors. Through our expanding eco-system, new collaborations are being made on a regular basis, maximizing the potential of cross-border business collaborations on an international and local scale.
  • Our network assists of young ventures seeking early stage funding from setting up the initial infrastructure all the way to receiving their investment.
  • ConTech’s vast network activity has significantly contributed to increasing investments in the field, attracting key players in the global market to discover new opportunities in the growing Israeli construction-tech sector.
  • ConTech has also helped raise public and government awareness for the field through cooperations with municipal legislators, authorities and policy makers. As a result, new programs, accelerators and public funding programs, many of which are done together with international corporates, have raised dramatically in recent years, turning Israel into a global hot-spot for new construction tech startups.
  • Over the last two and a half years, ConTech has also brought together numerous international delegations to discover the latest startups and technologies in the Israeli ‘Silicone Wadi׳.

The need and the opportunity

The current needs in the construction sector create endless global opportunities for those who are willing to enter the game. Solutions ranging from software and IT solutions to on/off site construction and hardware etc. are in high demand. Some common applications include: site and project management tools for shortening times and increasing productivity, novel construction methods, new materials, IOT and more.

All those and more set the path for progressing the field and bringing the upcoming Construction Tech revolution one step closer.