Emirates - Israel ConTech Expo Event
The Ministry of Construction and Housing of the State of Israel and ConTech are happy to invite you to our thematic event on the topic of Innovative Construction Technologies. The Emirates - Israel ConTech Expo Event will bring together high-level figures from the Israeli Ministry and from the Emirati Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. Emirati real estate and construction industry leaders, experts, and investors will also attend together with Israeli startups and industry leaders, with the aim to collaborate and explore the potential for mutual business. The event will take place on March 24th, 17:00 at The Israeli Pavilion, Dubai Expo 2020. להרשמה
Date: 24.3.2022
MANOF Conference for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure
ConTech is participating in the Manof Conference for Innovation of Construction and Infrastructure, which is to take place on Monday 27/12/2021, at the Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva. CEOs of leading Israeli construction companies, heads of councils from Negev's cities, government representatives, leading construction and materials academic professors and the high-tech industry will participate in the Conference.
Date: 27.12.2021
CICA Seminar: Collaboration and Innovation in the Construction Industry
ConTech is excited to have its CEO Zachi Flatto to moderate the Confederation of International Contractors'​ Associations (CICA) event in Paris, which to be dedicated to Collaboration and Innovation in the Construction Industry.
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Date: 6.12.2021
Call for Startups: Bird Foundation
BIRD promotes and supports partnerships between American and Israeli companies with grants of up to US$1M (and even up to US$1.5M), up to 50% of the cost of a joint R&D project between Israeli and US companies, no equity, repayments only upon the project enjoys sales.
Date: 2.9.2021
Call for Startups: Advanced Materials for Construction
The Israel Innovation Authority is inviting Israeli Startups who develop advanced materials for the construction industry, to join an exposure webinar.
Date: 25.7.2021