ConTech partners include:
•Ministry of Construction and Housing
•Ministry of Economy and Industry
•Israel Association of Builders


ConTech invites startups from the ConstructionTech and PropTech industries to apply to ConTech's Incubator.

Program goal: To connect startups with the construction and real estate industries, assist with product-market fit and connect with investments.

Duration: The program is expected to begin in May 2020 and to lasts seven months.


What you get:
Expert support: Methodology and tools for product validation, help to tailor a suitable solution to the customer’s needs, connecting to a relevant customer for a joint pilot.
Introductions and networking: Links and connections to local and global industry players, international investors and various players in the construction industry (contractors, developers, landlords, material manufacturers, engineers, etc.).
Introduction to forums of senior managers, participation in industry events, presentations at various conferences and events of the Association of Builders, and exposure to foreign delegations. Usage of ConTech’s global ConstructionTech and PropTech network.


Workspace: Startups participating in the program will be invited to work in the Urban Place workspace at the Tel Aviv Shalom Tower – the ConstructionTech’s home in Israel. Working together with other startups from our ecosystem enables mutual learning and cooperation on both professional and business aspects.


Mentoring: The program provides startups with dozens of hours of mentoring in various


Experts from the construction industry: contractors, developers, project managers, planners, innovation managers, and others.
•Israeli and global investors
•Serial entrepreneurs
•Marketing experts
•UX Specialists


Startups passing the initial screening will be invited for an interview. Application is now closed


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