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Israel builders association

The Israel builders association is the sole organization representing the contracting, infrastructure, engineering and development companies under one roof in Israel.
The organization is dedicated to increasing productivity and quality in the construction and infrastructure sectors and to protect the rights and interests of all contractors and builders in the country.
There are currently 14 regional contractor union branches active as a part of the association on a national level.

The organization is split into 3 main categories:
•Building and project development division
•Infrastructure division
•Construction contracting division
Over the last years, the Israel builders association has promoted various initiatives and programs on a national level to increase productivity and innovation in the field.

Ministry of construction and housing

The ministry’s role is to carry out national policies in the housing and development fields as legislated by the Israeli government. Its activity is aimed towards creating viable solutions for supplying proper living conditions for the whole of society in Israel.
main areas of activity:
•Active engagement in the supply-chain process including ground location, planning, and marketing.
•Encouraging densified building activity in urban areas.
•Developing infrastructure and open public spaces.
•Documentation of real estate assets
The ministry leads the planning and execution of complete residential neighborhoods and projects throughout entire Israel and is in charge of varied activities in the field of urban rejuvenation, dense building, etc.
The ministry also acts to support those who qualify for government aid by acquiring apartments for public housing and helping tens of thousands of households with rent funding and support

Ministry of economy and industry

The ministry of economy has been active in forming eco systems and developing communities around targeted sectors for the last 10 years.
The ministry has initiated the ongoing ‘Israel NewTech’ program which promotes activity in the water, renewable energy and construction sectors.
In addition to those, the ministry is part of the national plan for smart mobility and supports professional knowledge communities in the education and health sectors.
Using these novel models allows connecting different stakeholders together and increase collaborative activity.
The ministry’s activity is diverse and includes all relevant aspects of advancing Israel’s economy.

Israel Innovation Authority

The Fund For The Promotlon And Development Of The Construction Industry In Israel