Meet the Startup: Criaterra

Adital Ela, Founder and CEO of Criaterra, comes from a family of construction industry professionals. With a personal background as an industrial designer geared towards sustainable design, Adital has decided to challenge her heritage and the construction industry to reduce the global waste impact of construction from 33 percent to zero. This challenge is significant in an industry worth $523B. According to research, innovation in construction technology will have more dramatic gains both environmentally and financially than any other industry.

To make such an impact, Criaterra changes how construction materials are made. Instead of burning natural minerals to create building products, Criaterra applies physics to maximize their cohesion forces. Instead of traditional building materials such as cement or ceramics, Criaterra creates precast products made of natural minerals and vegetal fibers, maintaining natural resources' economic and environmental value forever.

Criaterra's product is as strong as concrete, six times more thermal, yet has only 5% of the environmental imprint. Compared to ceramics, it saves 90% of energy. Criaterra is already installed in thousands of square meters of tiles in restaurants, hotels, offices, and homes all around Israel. Backed by significant funding of the Israel Innovation Authority and the EU Horizon 2020 program, Criaterra is well-positioned to continue growing and revolutionizing the construction industry.