BUILDIN: Sally Shtrozberg 

"The program helped me to specify the exact product and fully evaluate the potential markets. I engaged with a new partner and a large group of potential investors, and broader my networking. and I have raised seed funding through the program"


Datumate: Itay

“The program helped us get connected to the relevant people in the industry. ConTech helped us a lot to connect to the relevant organizations and companies in Israel.

Great Program.”


UNIQAI Systems: Nadav

"The program exceeded my expectations, in the sense that besides a working space, we got “C-level” intro & and connections to all the top construction firms and personal in the Construction & infrastructure scene in Israel.

Along the plan, mostly with the guidance and help of Zachi, and through many meetings, market research and analysis efforts, we have “distilled” and refined our value proposition to the point where we believe we have a concrete offer that can solve a specific problem in the construction & infrastructure domain"