CICA Seminar: Collaboration and Innovation in the Construction Industry
ConTech is excited to have its CEO Zachi Flatto to moderate the Confederation of International Contractors'​ Associations (CICA) event in Paris, which to be dedicated to Collaboration and Innovation in the Construction Industry.
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Date: 6.12.2021
Call for Startups: Bird Foundation
BIRD promotes and supports partnerships between American and Israeli companies with grants of up to US$1M (and even up to US$1.5M), up to 50% of the cost of a joint R&D project between Israeli and US companies, no equity, repayments only upon the project enjoys sales.
Date: 2.9.2021
Call for Startups: Advanced Materials for Construction
The Israel Innovation Authority is inviting Israeli Startups who develop advanced materials for the construction industry, to join an exposure webinar.
Date: 25.7.2021
Construction 4.0 by ConTech 2021
Join ConTech in its International Construction Tech Digital Event, and be exposed to the most disruptive Construction technologies bringing together leading corporations & thought leaders in the construction & real estate arenas.
Date: 12.7.2021
Call for Israeli Construction Tech Startups
ConTech invites Israeli startups from the ConTech and PropTech industry to apply for the "Real Estate Sharks Contest".
Date: 18.6.2021
Call for Innovative Solutions: Smart Building Management - Tomorrow Street (Vodafone)
Tomorrow Street is looking for late stage startups with proven products and solutions who are ready to deploy in Europe. The deadline to apply is April 30th 2021.
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Date: 30.4.2021
Challenge for startups with solutions that digitalize the construction site
MITHUB Challenge is a program that aims to find the best solutions on the market that impact the Construction Site Digitalization. This comprehends solutions that range from Sensoring to Mapping, Labor Safety and five other areas. By signing up to the Challenge, the startups will be connected to the top established Construction players in Brazil like Cyrela (largest homebuilder and real estate company in Brazil) and also Gerdau and Duratex (both leaders in their supply specific segments).
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Date: 24.2.2021
Call for startups: Monitoring of engineering vehicles at work sites
ConTech and Natination (the Israeli DOT) are collaborating and presenting you a challenge: Monitoring of engineering vehicles at work sites, in order to gather data, to help describing what is happening on the ground, analyzing and drawing conclusions.
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Date: 24.12.2020
Propel by MIPIM NYC
The Real Estate & Tech event, Live on December 8-11, 2020. This year, Propel by MIPIM - NYC is an all-in-one platform giving you access to thought leaders of the US market, innovative solutions and exclusive content.
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Date: 8.12.2020
Industry 4.0 Global Leaders Summit Dec 1-3, 2020 | Virtual event
ConTech is glad to take part in the II4 Global Leaders Summit by Start-Up Nation Central, and expose the participants to the construction tech industry. Stay tuned to hear about the latest Israeli disruptive construction startups and technologies.
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Date: 1.12.2020
Call for Startups: Applying automation to renewable construction
Enel Green Power is looking for new solutions to make the construction activities, the monitoring of their progress and the commissioning of its plants safer and quicker, increasing the number of tasks that can be performed remotely or autonomously, based on, but not limited to, the use of advanced automation solutions and autonomous systems, collaborative robots, artificial intelligence and digital platforms. Innovative solutions will be integrated in the portfolio of already adopted tools in order to reshape the construction site of the future.
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Date: 30.11.2020
Gili Elkin: General Partner at Israel-Colorado Innovation Fund
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Date: 29.11.2020
Call for startups to apply for Pilots in the construction Industry
ConTech is proud to present the follow-up program for startups with the Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Construction and Housing. Last year we launched a call for startups in the construction industry.
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Date: 18.11.2020
Webinar: IP As A Business Tool For Startups
(Webinar is in Hebrew) A ConTech collaboration with Reinhold Cohn, an Intellectual Property Group, the leading intellectual property consulting firm in Israel, offering a full range IP services., In the webinar we'll go through the IP as a business for startups: what should a startup know?
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Date: 9.9.2020
Call for Proposals: NY Smart Cities Innovation Partnership
The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and the State of New York, through selected New York State Cities, jointly open the NY Smart City Innovation Partnership program call for company proposals. Interested Israeli companies are invited to submit applications to pilot, test, adapt, and optimize impactful Smart City technologies, services, and devices in municipal testbeds at selected New York Municipalities
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Date: 1.9.2020
Office Hours: Matthew Carli, Director of Innovation and Strategic Planning at Laticrete
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Date: 13.8.2020
Apply to ConTech's 4th Batch Incubator Program
ConTech invites startups from the ConstructionTech and PropTech industries to apply to ConTech's Incubator. Program goal: To connect startups with the construction and real estate industries, assist with product-market fit and connect with investments. Duration: The program is expected to begin in September 2020 and to last seven months.
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Date: 10.8.2020
Webinar: Construction Tech Industry - The Future is Right Here
(Event is held in Hebrew) ConTech and the software corporate Autodesk invite you to join an exposure webinar to the Construction Tech industry, in a 2 sessions lecture. The construction and real estate industries have undergone a major upheaval in recent years, and is becoming a sought-after field for technological and investor entrepreneurs.
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Date: 27.7.2020
Webinar: DB mindbox 2nd Batch - ConTech: The Next Generation
DB mindbox is excited to announce the upcoming Construction Tech Batch – this year already for the 4th time. Their strong partners are again DB Netz and DB Engineering & Consulting! Startups get the chance to customize and live test their solution to solve real challenges DB is facing.
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Date: 23.7.2020
Forum BIM Israel: 3D Virtual Event
Forum BIM brings you the technologies, innovations and successes in the construction world. Take a chance on a virtual show today in collaboration with CONTECH that will open you up to the future of the construction world with exciting developments from the best startups in the field.
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Date: 15.7.2020
Working from home - How is it affecting the PropTech space?
WeWork Labs invites you to be part of our upcoming Proptech panel. It's a special webinar with leading investors & entrepreneurs from your industry talking openly about the PropTech/Cont-tech space during Corona days, moderated by Zachi Flatto, CEO @Contech.
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Date: 30.6.2020
Office Hours: Dr. Efrat Tolkowsky
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Date: 29.6.2020
Exposure Webinar to DB mindbox - Construction Tech Startup Program
During this exposure webinar, we will explain all details regarding the DB mindbox Startup program, including a guest alumni, Datumate. DB mindbox is the startup hub of Deutsche Bahn, Europe’s biggest railway infrastructure and mobility provider. Our aim is to bring new innovations into the railway industry. We regularly run 100 days startup programs in areas such as Construction Tech, Maintenance, New Mobility, AI, Innovative Customer Interaction, and HR.
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Date: 4.6.2020
Webinar: How fast can you react? Digitalization during changing times
(Webinar is held in Hebrew) In the webinar, a panel with Izahk Paz, CEO of Safeguard, Matan Ken-hator, VP Public Construction and Yorai Gavriel, Produst Manager at Trusstor, are coming to answer all our questions. How has the construction industry changed? what is the need? and how can we adapt our technology?
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Date: 27.5.2020
Gal Efraim, Head of Construction Innovation at Tidhar Construction
Gal Efraim is Head of Construction Innovation at Tidhar Construction – arrives to consult you at ConTech. Gal is responsible, among other things, for new methods and technologies in construction engineering and management. As part of his role, Gal coordinates the problems arise from the jobsite and its needs, supports startups with definitions, development, and on-site tests, including solution implementation.
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Date: 24.5.2020
Online Webinar: Innovation and Technology in the Infrastructure Industry
(Event is held in Hebrew) A mutual event with Netivei Israel, made to expose the Construction Tech Ecosystem to the Infrastructure industry and its market potentail.
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Date: 6.5.2020
Technology in Future Construction Sites
How will construction sites look in the future? in collaboration with CivilEng, Zachi Flatto will speak about the technology in the future Construction industry.
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Date: 5.5.2020
Monitoring Trucks on iRoads - Challenge via Webinar
The purpose of the challenge is to change the ways of traditional bridge testing periodically, to a new and innovative approach that relies on preventative maintenance and detection of defect formation or programming in the initial stage, before being created
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Date: 2.5.2020
Online Webinar: Preparing for Coronavirus Crisis: Financial & Legal Advice
(Hebrew) Due to COVID-19, ConTech is bringing you an online webinar on the subject of "Preparing for Coronavirus Crisis: Financial & Legal Advice", with Adv. Ronit Amir-Yaniv from Yigal Arnon Law Firm and CPA Alon Poraz, specializing in incentives and Tax benefits.
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Date: 6.4.2020
Builtworld: Innovation Contest 2020 - Israel
ConTech is happy to participate as Judges in the Builtworld competition. Builtworld connects pioneers of the major corporates with interdisciplinary experts and young technology companies. Together with Proptech 360 and Autodesk Lab Tel Aviv, They are looking for the best real estate and construction companies from Israel.
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Date: 30.3.2020
Postponed - T2Arch Hackathon
The Faculty of Architecture & Town Planing invites you to take part in the development, design and technology startup Hackathon. At the Hackathon, students from all faculties at the Technion will collaborate to develop innovative ventures that bring together the construction world with renewable technologies. We call upon partners who believe in innovation and creativity, who are looking to lead the design of the future and are at the forefront of developing technology, architecture, design and design projects from the Technion.
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Date: 25.3.2020
Construction 4.0 by ConTech
Israel has become a global center for technology and innovation in the Construction arena, growing faster and faster every year. The Construction 4.0 event on February 26th, 2020 is bringing together Israeli startups, industry leaders, experts and multinational corporations to collaborate and discuss the digitalization of Construction.
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Date: 26.2.2020
PropCon 2020
Propcon2020 is a Hackathon, seeking to find solutions to challenges in three stages of construction and property development: Planning, Construction and Sales. This is an opportunity to develop innovative ideas, meet industry leaders, win a prize and possibly receive support for further development of their idea.
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Date: 23.1.2020
Israeli PropTech Meets European Opportunities
We invite you to join innogy Innovation Hub, ConTech, and global real estate and construction leader Drees & Sommer, along with industry experts, European real estate companies, and Israel’s brightest PropTech and Construction Tech startups, for an evening of exploring new opportunities for Israeli PropTech in Europe.
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Date: 12.11.2019
Roundtable: Funding for Startups in Construction Tech
In this roundtable session we will discuss the subject of Finance and Funding for stratups in the Construction Tech industry. Special guests are Israel Eliahu from KPMG and Ofer Peleg from LeumiTech.
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Date: 5.11.2019
Boosting top technological talent, the highest venture capital investments per capital and multi national centers for industry leaders such as Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, EMC, Microsoft, GM, Amdocs, SAP, Applied Materials, Facebook, Orange, Cisco Israel etc.
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Date: 16.9.2019
In this meetup, made in collaboration with the Israel Chamber of Commerce in China, we will discuss: How to deal with new challenges and opportunities, establishing a market presence in China, how to operate under the intellectual property legislation, and successfully marketing your business to a foreign audience.You will hear from Israeli experts, with their own business success stories, about how to become successful in China.
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Date: 10.9.2019
Innovation in the Construction Industry
The purpose of the meeting is to create a dialogue between the demand side (contractors, construction companies) and the supply side (technology companies and industrial companies developing innovative solutions for implementation in the industry), and to launch the new joint program of the Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Construction and Housing in support of technology research, development and demonstration activities. Innovation in the construction industry.
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Date: 3.7.2019