Which conservative industry do you think had the biggest disruption during the last century?

This is Mobileye which was acquired by Intel for 15 billion $ and is the flagship of our automotive industry, but, this is not the only one, we have above 500 great startups and technologies, the largest automotive OEM’s and tier 1 coming to Israel to open R&D centers and scouting for technologies. This is our model, we would like to see the same process in construction industry.


ISRAEL is turning into a hub of construction tech!!!


Both the contractors and the government understood the importance of bridging the gap between construction industry and technology.

For me as a 4th generation of builders and engineers who also had my own startup it is dream that comes true , I’m bridging between the construction world and the Israeli high tech.

This is Tel-aviv (my beloved hometown) skyline in the coming future, there is an opportunity for every type of technology to pilot and tests it in here before going abroad!

The Construction tech ecosystem in Israel consist of: Startups, developers, GC's, engineers, architects, software vendors, material and building methods providers, infrastructure and utilities corporates. Both global and local.

This special structure brings an added value in creating networking along with new relationships and unique opportunities for cooperation. In this presentation we will speak about the process of building the ecosystem and will give a few examples for the outcome such as pilots with global corporates, implementation and more.

We’re currently running an incubator-mentorship program, already 3rd batch with great results from our startups.

Currently we have partners in the States, Europe and China and we’re looking to expand.

Now let’s see some examples of pilot projects with industry partners in different stages

I’ve chosen 3 use cases, each one represents different stage in construction project. Will start with construction phase:



Israel has leading and innovative defense technologies, Intsite cofounder came from one of the leading defense companies!

This is a unique technology for automating tower cranes.

The pilot partner was Shikon and Binuy which is the largest GC in Israel!

The camera is installed on the crane trolley and analyze the hook, the load and the area around it

The system recognizes the hook and detect the load, the obstacles including workers and the systems analyze the crane activity, they give the crane operator high quality image of the site as well as safety alerts and trajectory recommendations.

Before Intsite came the project manager assumed the efficiency of the crane is nearly 100% when they monitored the crane for full day the results were quite poor, the site mangers asked for additional mobile crane for 3,000$ per day (600,000$/year), Intsite results showed the reasons for the inefficiency: 

long brakes


wrong resource management.

He implemented the recommendations instead of bringing extra crane.

With the new technology the site is much more efficient and safe!



The 2nd’ use case is focusing on design phase

Disruptive technology which Translate human emotions to digital data and translate it to mental states.

In the first step they collect the data using smart bracelets than analyze the physiological parameters and translate them into emotional measures, and in the third stage a planning or construction company can use the analysis to make better planning Of the customer's workspace. 

The goal is to create a more productive and healthy work environment for employees

The pain that they are answering is the lack of an objectively method to measure the quality of the design!

The costumer in this use-case is one of the largest asset management companies in Japan. Manages over 20 million square meters of work space just in Tokyo (in the rest of Japan much more).

It is a fusion of the indoor location data along with the emotional measures. The combination of these two creates a heat map that describes where there are areas where people tend to feel positive or negative. In fact, before every project, the planning company gives the customer smart bracelets that the employees / volunteers can wear, and through this collecting all the data needed for the job.

The test is in real time, over the existing facility, then you layout the data over the design.

when you are collecting large amount of data:

Before the renovation

Analysis and implementation of the data into design, changing different type of parameters such as air-condition, light and others.

Comparing after the renovation, 

That is a good tool for marketing and sales, checking the emotional load, comfortability.


Using Kenko Technology the facility management was able to improve the level of service, raise the comfortability of the employees and to prove it using updated data!!!



Datumate is one of the most unique and disruptive companies around.

In this case the cooperation was initiated within the ecosystem. They are doing precise mapping, monitoring and BIM for infrastructure.

Starting with the mission planning and execution, done in the tablet, everything is being done automatically.

Using DJI phantom 4 with RTK

The Outcome is a digital twin of the current state of the construction site and comparing it to the planes either BIM or plans, schedules and Bill of quantities.

Models and 2d and 3d 1-3 cm precision 

The service includes automated processes of reports and analytics, digital documentation of the project lifecycle 

Different professions save costs: supervision, surveying and mapping budget and quality control and project management.


Deutsch bahn

The initial contact was created during our event with dbmindbox, Datumate was chosen among tens of startups for a program of 4 months, 

The benefits of participating in the program were:


Berlin project

Worked with 2 business units

Proved the value of the solution

After the program was finished turned into a supplier on 2 different projects

turning the project into a long term cooperation. 

As you can see this pilot project included different stages and values including:

1.    Planning of the flight according to the specific needs

2.    Monitoring- need to monitor the geometry and location of the poles and track the progress of the construction and comparison to the plan

3.    Vector measurements of different objects- During the project they discovered 15cm mistake at the bridge as a consequence of planning changes done by the subcontractor and not reporting and updating DB about that.

4.    Earthworks and site development, measurements and volume calculations and elevation changes.


DB was able to monitor a complex infrastructure project constantly and remotely!


This is Shimon’s Peres (our former president) vision for the Israeli innovation, Israeli construction tech will be a significant part of it, and you’re welcome to join us!

 Let’s Contech

I will be your door opener for the Israeli Construction tech!