Construction Tech Tour to Tel Aviv, Construction 4.0

The tour followed Tel Aviv's most interesting Architecture and Construction points. 
Bauhaus Tour in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv was established in 1909 as a sleepy garden suburb alongside Jaffa, and in less than thirty years became the most vibrant and largest city in the country.
On this tour, we roamed the small streets and secret corners near Rothschild Blvd and discovered the unique architectural houses and styles built in the city that created its character and temperament: 
From the decorative eclectic structures of the 1920s, through the minimalist international architecture style (Bauhaus) that gave the city its status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to today's contemporary towers.

A visit at Autodesk offices
During this visit we got to know the Startup Nation ecosystem, and visited Autodesk offices in Tel Aviv, followed by an intimate discussion and tour.
We met with Ilai Rotbaein, GM at Autodesk Israel and Netanel Gueta, Manager of Autodesk's Innovation Lab Program in Israel.

Israeli "Street Food" scene & Tasting at Levinsky Market
The Levinsky Market was built as a trading area for the residents of the new city of Tel Aviv and attracted Bulgarians, Bukharians, Persians, Balkans and Poles who created a rich and unique blend of spices and flavors that make up the familiar and beloved market today. The years have turned the street from a spice center to a vibrant market full of delicacies and high quality restaurants from a variety of cultures.
Photos credit:
Kfir Sivan