Meet the Startup: iMeasure - Digital 3d Scanning and Modeling

The construction industry suffers from low productivity. In iMeasure we believe that Improving productivity Will be achieved by the implementation of advanced technologies that are based on the existence of an updated and accurate 3D model of the structure. iMeasure was founded to develop digital 3d scanning and modeling ability of space, quickly and easily by using a camera base scanner that is installed on the body of the user.



The company uses tools of depth measurement and computer vision to calculate and create a 3D model of the space in a high level of accuracy.


iMeasure's purpose is to enable the user to work with free hands the information will be presented before him by the means of mixed reality, similarly to the way it is being done in the fighter pilot helmet. the user interface will be operated by hand gestures, enabling the professionals to work with free hands and received reactions and data, in real-time.


iMeasure Is developing the basic modeling technology as a platform that will enable the installment of several applications according to the user requirements. for example, application for cabinet and kitchen makers, application for drywalls contractors, and applications for documentation and control of the workflow of the building process.


on top of that the technology will enable working with BIM model and in general, will be the connecting link between the virtual planning and management world to the physical world. The technology will also enable immediate communication between the involved parties in the project and easy access to plans and documents. Some of the applications will be developed by iMeasure others by third parties.


The technology will enable creating a new category of tools. Companies from the United States, Germany, Russia, Japan, India and Australia have expressed interest in the product and some of them invited us to perform experiments with them. iMeasure is now in the midst of the second funding round and we invite interested investors to create contact with Udi Mann the founder of the CEO of the company.


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