Meet the Startup: Bimmatch - AI for Construction Procurement

Bimmatch is an AI tool to automate the construction materials curation and acquisition process. The SaaS solution offers automatic matching building products to architectural plans, that leverage the cost effectiveness and sustainability of the project.

Erga Shilony


Meet Bimmatch


Cheli and Eli Wasserman have been married for 17 years, they have two children and a dog. Bimmatch is their new baby. She is an architect with 15 years of experience and he is a UX / UI expert, together they have initiated an innovative solution to streamline the procurement process in the construction industry.


Today, the process of characterization and execution of matching products and construction materials to a project is a serious challenge. Creating a BOQ (bill of quantities) is a headache and the interaction around the subject is cumbersome, thus creating a lot of room for mistakes and budget overruns. This is where Bimmatch comes into the picture. The startup provides a SaaS solution to automatically match construction materials to architectural projects and a tool for managing the procurement process and creating a dynamic BOM. The software is based on BIM methodology and AI, and it enables communication and management of the process efficiently and economically.



How does it Work?


We have a smart catalog of building products and materials. Once the design team connects the BIM plans to the Bimmatch catalog, the system automatically analyzes the building details and matches it to the right products.The relevant information flows from the design software to an external system accessible to all users. A plug-in to Revit's Autodesk, enables to view the catalog’s content in Revit and connect the products and all the relevant information directly to the architect's tools.





Bimmatch connects you to BIM


Companies that have moved to work through BIM report tens of percent streamlining construction processes. This is exactly what Bimmatch does for the process of purchasing construction products - communicating information with maximum efficiency between manufacturers and decision makers in real estate projects. For example, architects and consultants can choose materials and products that are suitable for the project they are working on in the early stages of the design process. Assimilating the product information directly to the element in the architectural model saves valuable time. Bimmatch streams information from planners to construction and project management companies and with the click of a button allows them to reach directly to manufacturers and suppliers of building materials. In addition, the software provides all relevant information for a quotation according to the catalog number and desired quantity of products in the project. 


Unlike abroad, only some manufacturers in Israel have BIM files for their products. Bimmatch has developed the concept of Lean-BIM, which allows use of the relevant minimal information required. This makes it easier to implement BIM strategy in any manufacturing company or product provider. BIM files are essential assets during COVID-19, where meetings and conferences are few and there is a real need to transfer digital information between all members of the planning team immediately and reliably. Promoting Israel to Industry 4.0 is one of Bimmatch’s top priority, and they are working to the benefit of the cause by implementing the BIM methodology in the local construction and manufacturing industry. Already today, leading manufacturers and suppliers in the Israeli market present their products in the catalog, and architects and construction companies use the software for the procurement process.



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Cheli Wasserman, CEO