Meet the Startup: Structure Pal - Automation and Optimization for Building Structure Design

Structure Pal's mission is to provide civil engineers with the abilities to dramatically reduce concrete volume in their design using their native tools and reducing the design delivery time by 50%.





1. 8,000,000,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete.

This is what our industry pours in one year.


2. The number of structural engineers who complete their studies and then integrate into the field of design is declining.


These two data points put together create a large problem for our industry, why?


When there are not enough engineers and the number of projects increases, a great burden is placed on the engineers, which creates a situation of over-planning. Specifically, over-planning in excess amount of concrete, as a result of safety factors and regulations.


It is imperative for these few engineers to find a quick design solution, even if it is wasteful. The engineer does not have enough time to examine multiple design alternatives and therefore relies on assumptions that meet the standards and physics of the structure. These assumptions do not emphasize the optimization of material used nor the shortening of the execution time of the structure of the building.



Structure-Pal addresses exactly this problem, but how?


The company has developed a tool based on artificial intelligence, which removes the need for the structural engineer designing the structure of the building to design multiple alternatives in the preliminary design phase. Instead, the engineer characterizes the design with the help of a simple menu, which signals to Structure-Pal's system where it is possible to intervene in terms of the architectural design and physical loads.


Structure-Pal's technology uses an intermediary mechanism (reinforcement learning) which unifies all the data and begins to plan the project iteratively. This process fully considers the cost of execution and meeting the limits defined by the engineer, and ultimately learns how to improve the design until the optimal result is found.

At the end of Structure-Pal's process, the engineer receives the optimal model directly into the software he is using to create the design. The process does not require the engineer to learn new software or exit the software with which he works with. The intermediate system connects directly to its software via a simple menu and delivers the product in a number of minutes.


Using Structure-Pal's technology, the engineer is able to reduce up to 50% of the design time as well as up to 15% of the execution cost of the concrete structure.




For details and contact information:


Ionathan Lazovski, CEO