Construction 4.0 2022

The Industry's Leading Construction Tech Event

NOV 29-DEC 1, 2022 | TEL AVIV | Main Event Nov 29 | ZAPPA, MIDTOWN

Construction 4.0 2022 brings together the international ConTech ecosystem in one place:

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From Tel Aviv to the world

We are proud to host the international ecosystem in Tel Aviv, the Contech/Proptech epicenter of the startup nation

Startup Exhibition

Bringing cutting edge technologies to the built world

The event will focus on the main pillars driving the construction world to the new era

Prefab and Modular Construction
Infrastructure Technologies
ESG & Decarbonization in Construction
Investing in Construction Tech

Join Tel Aviv day 30.11

Join Jerusalem day 1.12

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem day Bundle

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Construction 4.0 is held for the third year in a row

Our prior events included a total of:



largest International Construction Corporations


Israeli ConTech Startups Expo


Keynote Speakers


Professional Construction Tech Sessions

Why should you come?

Construction 4.0 includes a full day of keynotes and panels by world leaders in the field, followed by an exhibition. The event provides a 360° look at construction tech, encompassing the entire construction lifecycle.

Live booths and exhibition from the global startup and industry ecosystem

Come meet leaders, top executives and government officials from around the globe

International keynotes & panels from the movers and shakers of the construction world

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Smart Materials | AI | Advanced Manufacturing | 3D Printing | BIM | Robotics

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Get A First Row Seat To View The Latest Technologies:

About ConTech

Construction 4.0 is held by ConTech - Construction Innovation Center, Israel’s official arm for promoting construction technology and PropTech, in partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Construction and Housing, Ministry of Economy and Industry, The Foundation for the Promotion and Development of the Construction Industry in Israel, and Israel's Builders Association.


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