Office Hours: Dr. Efrat Tolkowsky
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Date: 29.6.2020
Exposure Webinar to DB mindbox - Construction Tech Startup Program
During this exposure webinar, we will explain all details regarding the DB mindbox Startup program, including a guest alumni, Datumate. DB mindbox is the startup hub of Deutsche Bahn, Europe’s biggest railway infrastructure and mobility provider. Our aim is to bring new innovations into the railway industry. We regularly run 100 days startup programs in areas such as Construction Tech, Maintenance, New Mobility, AI, Innovative Customer Interaction, and HR.
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Date: 4.6.2020
Webinar: How fast can you react? Digitalization during changing times
(Webinar is held in Hebrew) In the webinar, a panel with Izahk Paz, CEO of Safeguard, Matan Ken-hator, VP Public Construction and Yorai Gavriel, Produst Manager at Trusstor, are coming to answer all our questions. How has the construction industry changed? what is the need? and how can we adapt our technology?
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Date: 27.5.2020
Gal Efraim, Head of Construction Innovation at Tidhar Construction
Gal Efraim is Head of Construction Innovation at Tidhar Construction – arrives to consult you at ConTech. Gal is responsible, among other things, for new methods and technologies in construction engineering and management. As part of his role, Gal coordinates the problems arise from the jobsite and its needs, supports startups with definitions, development, and on-site tests, including solution implementation.
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Date: 24.5.2020
Online Webinar: Innovation and Technology in the Infrastructure Industry
(Event is held in Hebrew) A mutual event with Netivei Israel, made to expose the Construction Tech Ecosystem to the Infrastructure industry and its market potentail.
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Date: 6.5.2020