Call for Startups: Applying automation to renewable construction
Enel Green Power is looking for new solutions to make the construction activities, the monitoring of their progress and the commissioning of its plants safer and quicker, increasing the number of tasks that can be performed remotely or autonomously, based on, but not limited to, the use of advanced automation solutions and autonomous systems, collaborative robots, artificial intelligence and digital platforms. Innovative solutions will be integrated in the portfolio of already adopted tools in order to reshape the construction site of the future.
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Date: 30.11.2020
Gili Elkin: General Partner at Israel-Colorado Innovation Fund
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Date: 29.11.2020
Call for startups to apply for Pilots in the construction Industry
ConTech is proud to present the follow-up program for startups with the Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Construction and Housing. Last year we launched a call for startups in the construction industry.
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Date: 18.11.2020
Webinar: IP As A Business Tool For Startups
(Webinar is in Hebrew) A ConTech collaboration with Reinhold Cohn, an Intellectual Property Group, the leading intellectual property consulting firm in Israel, offering a full range IP services., In the webinar we'll go through the IP as a business for startups: what should a startup know?
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Date: 9.9.2020
Call for Proposals: NY Smart Cities Innovation Partnership
The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and the State of New York, through selected New York State Cities, jointly open the NY Smart City Innovation Partnership program call for company proposals. Interested Israeli companies are invited to submit applications to pilot, test, adapt, and optimize impactful Smart City technologies, services, and devices in municipal testbeds at selected New York Municipalities
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Date: 1.9.2020