Construction 4.0 by ConTech 2021
Join ConTech in its International Construction Tech Digital Event, and be exposed to the most disruptive Construction technologies bringing together leading corporations & thought leaders in the construction & real estate arenas.
Date: 12.7.2021
Call for Israeli Construction Tech Startups
ConTech invites Israeli startups from the ConTech and PropTech industry to apply for the "Real Estate Sharks Contest".
Date: 18.6.2021
Call for Innovative Solutions: Smart Building Management - Tomorrow Street (Vodafone)
Tomorrow Street is looking for late stage startups with proven products and solutions who are ready to deploy in Europe. The deadline to apply is April 30th 2021.
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Date: 30.4.2021
Challenge for startups with solutions that digitalize the construction site
MITHUB Challenge is a program that aims to find the best solutions on the market that impact the Construction Site Digitalization. This comprehends solutions that range from Sensoring to Mapping, Labor Safety and five other areas. By signing up to the Challenge, the startups will be connected to the top established Construction players in Brazil like Cyrela (largest homebuilder and real estate company in Brazil) and also Gerdau and Duratex (both leaders in their supply specific segments).
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Date: 24.2.2021
Call for startups: Monitoring of engineering vehicles at work sites
ConTech and Natination (the Israeli DOT) are collaborating and presenting you a challenge: Monitoring of engineering vehicles at work sites, in order to gather data, to help describing what is happening on the ground, analyzing and drawing conclusions.
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Date: 24.12.2020