Webinar: IP As A Business Tool For Startups
(Webinar is in Hebrew) A ConTech collaboration with Reinhold Cohn, an Intellectual Property Group, the leading intellectual property consulting firm in Israel, offering a full range IP services., In the webinar we'll go through the IP as a business for startups: what should a startup know?
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Date: 9.9.2020
Call for Proposals: NY Smart Cities Innovation Partnership
The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and the State of New York, through selected New York State Cities, jointly open the NY Smart City Innovation Partnership program call for company proposals. Interested Israeli companies are invited to submit applications to pilot, test, adapt, and optimize impactful Smart City technologies, services, and devices in municipal testbeds at selected New York Municipalities
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Date: 1.9.2020
Office Hours: Matthew Carli, Director of Innovation and Strategic Planning at Laticrete
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Date: 13.8.2020
Apply to ConTech's 4th Batch Incubator Program
ConTech invites startups from the ConstructionTech and PropTech industries to apply to ConTech's Incubator. Program goal: To connect startups with the construction and real estate industries, assist with product-market fit and connect with investments. Duration: The program is expected to begin in September 2020 and to last seven months.
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Date: 10.8.2020
Webinar: Construction Tech Industry - The Future is Right Here
(Event is held in Hebrew) ConTech and the software corporate Autodesk invite you to join an exposure webinar to the Construction Tech industry, in a 2 sessions lecture. The construction and real estate industries have undergone a major upheaval in recent years, and is becoming a sought-after field for technological and investor entrepreneurs.
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Date: 27.7.2020