Meet the startup: ConWize - Construction Estimating & Bidding Automation Platform

ConWize is a cloud-based platform that digitizes and simplifies the process of cost estimating construction projects.

Meet the Startup: Ception - AI for enhanced operation of heavy machinery

Ception is harnessing precise localization and mapping to enhance industrial mobility's safety and productivity, both in human and autonomous operations

Meet the Startup: Structure Pal - Automation and Optimization for Building Structure Design

Structure Pal's mission is to provide civil engineers with the abilities to dramatically reduce concrete volume in their design using their native tools and reducing the design delivery time by 50%.

Meet the Startup: Bimmatch - AI for Construction Procurement

Bimmatch is an AI tool to automate the construction materials curation and acquisition process. The SaaS solution offers automatic matching building products to architectural plans, that leverage the cost effectiveness and sustainability of the project.
Erga Shilony

Meet the Startup: 4M Analytics - The next generation of SUE data